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Sharpspring Support and Training Videos

Matrix Technology Hub has created special SharpSpring support videos and training videos to make your education about SharpSpring training easier.

Watch these amazing videos and demo on SharpSpring support and how to use marketing automation software.

We’re a talented group of SharpSpring support folks interested in sales and marketing technology, marketing strategies, and operational effectiveness. The videos below are a set of demonstrations and how-to videos on SharpSpring’s CRM and marketing automation software.

SharpSpring’s Perfect Audience cloud-based platform enables multi-channel retargeting to known leads and targeted advertising to new prospects via lookalike audience functionality. It empowers marketers to create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns across thousands of sites using Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
In digital marketing, we use landing pages as a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web. SharpSpring makes it easy.
SharpSpring provides ways for you to create powerful marketing automation based on your sales lead behaviors. Marketing automation in SharpSpring is composed of workflows and action groups, which themselves are composed of various trigger actions or events. This video will provide an overview of action groups.
SharpSpring’s meetings allow prospects to self-schedule appointments – eliminating the unproductive “what time is good for you” dialogue – all while leveraging the power of marketing automation to amplify the impact of every sales meeting. SharpSpring’s Meetings will streamline scheduling and increase conversions.

SharpSpring’s Visual Workflow Builder makes it easy to create automated workflows. With the Visual Workflow Builder, you can make automated workflows more productive with intuitive shapes. In the Visual Workflow Builder tool, you just point and click to build and expand automation tasks with branching logic.

SharpSpring Pipeline Value Report Overview: The Pipeline Value report provides visual information on closing opportunities across a period. The Pipeline Value report is based on the expected close date for an opportunity. As such, the Pipeline Value report helps with forecasting overall sales.
SharpSpring’s buyer personas are fictionalized profiles of individual ideal customers, rooted in data from your existing successes. Using these models of the perfect customer, you’ll be able to target your ads better and hone your messaging to suit specific needs and convert leads into loyal customers.
SharpSpring’s Form Builder and How to Use Them Today I’m going to talk about how to create a Sharpspring form and how to use them. Forms are the primary way that SharpSpring receives information regarding a potential sales lead. This is also called an MCL or marketing captured lead. You can do it in a snap.
SharpSpring’s CRM and Marketing Automation Demo is a high -level demonstration of SharpSpring’s marketing automation software. If you’re using a marketing automation tool like SharpSpring, you may be paying $875 per month the simple return on investment is over 600%. This decision should be simple.
Setting up lead score ranges is easy in SharpSpring’s marketing automation. It is a lead scoring feature that you can set to determine what lead score makes for a great lead, a good lead, or a bad lead for your business. You use the sliders to adjust the lead scores to represent lead values.

SharpSpring’s perfect audience is used for retargeting campaigns. This video will teach you everything you need to know to get started with your Perfect Audience account. Learn how to install your site tracking tag, create audiences, conversion goals, and ads, and how to launch your campaign!

The marketing automation vendor comparison is a comparison of HubSpot vs SharpSpring and helps you quickly and easily assess which marketing automation solution is best for you. Whether you’re launching your marketing automation solution for the first time or this is by far the fastest way to help your team.