salesforce pardot comparison

Pardot Pricing and Reviews

Compare Salesforce Pardot Pricing and Reviews to SharpSpring Marketing Automation Software
Look at a side-by-side comparison of pricing, reviews, and features for Salesforce Pardot and Pardot alternatives.

Salesforce Pardot Reviews

salesforce pardot reviews

Meet SharpSpring

SharpSpring launched in 2014 to deliver robust and affordable marketing automation. It’s a flexible, open platform with a complete feature set that integrates easily with other tools. SharpSpring has annual and monthly payment options and is a fraction of the cost of competitors.

What is Pardot software?

Salesforce Pardot launched in 2007, providing a full suite of tools that helps marketers engage leads and close more deals. It requires the Salesforce CRM, which is priced separately. Salesforce Pardot pricing is pegged on the high end of the spectrum, and an annual contract is required.

Salesforce Pardot Pricing

Compare Salesforce Pardot pricing and terms to SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation Software; a leading competitor.

Salesforce Pardot Pricing

Salesforce Pardot Email Software Comparison

See how Salesforce Pardot competes against SharpSpring email marketing software in key areas, such as the email designer, dynamic content, and render testing.

pardot email software

Salesforce Pardot Automation Platform Comparison

Explore Salesforce Pardot alternatives in automation features by comparing against SharpSpring for branching workflows, behavior-based triggers, drip automation and more. Find an option to Salesforce Pardot for essential automation functions that drive your marketing.

salesforce pardot marketing automation platform

Pardot Forms Software Alternatives

Lead capture forms are a critical element of marketing automation. Look side-by-side at Salesforce Pardot reviews specifically for forms compared to Pardot alternatives found in SharpSpring. Let’s compare essential form functions, such as analytics, auto-complete, progressive profiling, and other dynamic features. Find an option to Salesforce Pardot for form building – an important component of lead collection for marketers.

Pardot Forms Software Alternatives

Contacts and Tracking Platform Comparison

Let’s look at Salesforce Pardot and SharpSpring marketing automation contact tracking features head to head to find effective Salesforce Pardot alternatives for contact tracking. Compare critical functions, such as anonymous site visitor tracking, a daily email of site visitors, and more.

Pardot Contacts and Tracking Platform

Pardot Landing Page Software Alternatives

Landing pages are essential to your marketing efforts, so you need a reliable tool to build and deploy them. Let’s compare landing page designers in Salesforce Pardot and SharpSpring based on functions and features, such as dynamic content and template libraries.
Contact tracking with customer ID features head to head to find effective Salesforce Pardot alternatives for contact tracking. Compare critical functions, such as anonymous site visitor tracking, a daily email of site visitors, and more.

Pardot Landing Page Software

Salesforce Pardot Blog Platform Reviews

Blogging is the cornerstone of SEO, inbound strategy, and marketing automation. To build and manage your blog, you need vital functions and features, such as social sharing, reporting, and post scheduling. See how Salesforce Pardot’s blog tool stands up when it competes with SharpSpring blog tool.

Top Blog Platform Tool

Pardot Sales Platform Alternatives

Sales and marketing teams benefit when they are aligned, and marketing automation works seamlessly. See how Salesforce Pardot’s CRM sales tracking features compare to SharpSpring’s CRM features such as integrations, CRM, lead scoring, and reporting.

Best CRM Alternatives

Pardot Social Media Software Comparison

Track social media efforts in your marketing automation platform are vital to expanding your reach and engagement. See how Pardot’s social media features compete with SharpSpring’s. See what alternatives exist for Pardot in terms of social media. Compare critical functions and features, such as social sharing, measuring social conversions, and more. See how Pardot’s social features perform and what alternatives there are like SharpSpring’s social media platform.

Social Media Software Comparison

Pardot Software Integrations Capabilities

With so many tools on the market, you need to ensure that integrations can perform seamlessly within your marketing automation software. See how well Salesforce Pardot integrates with other tools like CRMs, CMSs, Google analytics, and more when compared to SharpSpring.

Pardot Software Integrations

Salesforce Pardot Platform Support Reviews

Does Salesforce Pardot stand behind the platform with comprehensive, free support? How does their service stack up for migration, onboarding, education, and ongoing account management support when compared to the SharpSpring marketing automation platform?

Pardot Platform Support Reviews