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Act-On Software Pricing and Comparison

Act-On Software side-by-side comparison of marketing automation software and SharpSpring marketing automation platform. Find out which has better software pricing, reviews, and features.

Learn about how Act-On Software stacks up with SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation Software

Create predictable revenue streams by applying industry models with sales and marketing automation technology from SharpSpring.

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Drive More Leads

Take a sophisticated, agile, and measurable approach to targeting your customers. Drive relevant, quality leads that convert.

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Optimize Your Entire Funnel

Take a full-funnel approach to your marketing programs. Define what a quality leads looks like and how it behaves.

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Convert Leads to Sales

Close deals by sending exactly the right message at exactly the right time using powerful, behavioral-based communication.

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Our sales and marketing technology paired with industry models helps you reduce costs and increase marketing performance.

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Act-On Pricing

Compare Act-on pricing to SharpSpring. SharpSpring is a major competitor and alternative to Act-on’s expensive platform. When you compare the to you soon see how all the features and set up get really expensive. Let review the details of Act-on and SharpSpring, including the number of contacts, up-front requirements, monthly breakdowns, and how Act-on compares to onboarding and set up costs and SharpSpring is the clear winner.

act-on pricing

Act-On Reviews

Here is an overview of SharpSpring and Act-on reviews, features, and pricing.

act-on reviews

Act-On Automation Platform Alternatives

Explore Act-On competitors via automation features. See how Act-On compares in critical areas such as branching workflows, behavior-based automation, and more. Find Act-On alternatives for essential automation functions that drive your sales and marketing results.

act-on software comparison

SharpSpring vs. Act-On

What is Act-on Software? Act-On offers enterprise-level marketing automation, website management tools, and relying heavily upon integration with other CRM platforms and services. Marketing and sales teams at more than 3,000 companies use Act-On.

Comparison of Business Integration Software

Act-On Software Comparison

Compare Act-On email marketing software to SharpSpring features in key areas, such as the email designer, dynamic content, and render testing for email automation.

Integration Software act-on

Act-On Form Software Comparison

Forms are a vital component of lead generation and nurturing, so marketing automation should feature healthy form functions. See how Act-On compares in essential form functions, such as analytics, auto-complete, progressive profiling, and dynamic form features.

online form creator

Contact Tracking Platform Comparison

Contact tracking makes it easy to follow your contacts through the sales and marketing funnel. View a side-by-side comparison of Act-On and SharpSpring for contact tracking features. Compare critical functions, such as anonymous site visitor tracking, a daily email of site visitors, and more.

Contact Tracking Platform Comparison

Landing Page Software Alternatives

Landing pages are essential to conversions and should work in direct support of your marketing automation efforts. Compare the landing page designers in Act-On vs. SharpSpring, including critical functions and features such as dynamic content, a template library, and more.

Landing Page Software

Act-on Software Blog Platform Competitor

Content is king of marketing, so make sure your blog efforts are as simple as possible. See how Act-On’s blog tool stands up when it competes with others. Look side-by-side at the blog builder in Act-On and SharpSpring to compare critical functions and features, such as social sharing, advance post scheduling, and more.

Top Blog Platform

Social Media Management Act-on Software Comparison

See how Act-On’s social media features compete with SharpSpring’s by comparing essential functions and features, such as social sharing, measuring social conversions, and social listening. Social media management should be directly integrated into your marketing automation platform.

Act-On Social Media Management

Act-On Sales Platform Alternatives

Align sales and marketing teams with a single platform. See how Act-On marketing automation sales tracking features compare to SharpSpring’s in critical areas such as CRM, integrations, lead scoring, and more.

crm act-on

Act-on Software Support and Service

Check out how Act-On alternatives compare to customer support. Does Act-On stand behind the platform with complete, free, support? Will Act-On support migrate you from another platform?

act-on support