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Create a Connected Customer Experience

We measure the success of our firm in the eyes of our customers.

About Matrix Tech Hub

We start with your key metrics and use SharpSpring marketing automation software to design a predictable revenue system that fits your business model with our industry models.

Our products and services are designed to be agile, technologically savvy, open, and collaborative with our clients and community.

Digital technology is integrated into our DNA impaired with industry models to drive predictable revenue streams for clients.

We do this by developing and nurturing diverse reoccurring revenue streams through services, consulting, training, education, publishing, and sales and marketing technology.


Outcomes, not outputs, measure our success.

We help SMBs reduce operating costs and improve sales and marketing performance with technology.


Once having to rely on IT departments, we help marketing teams with new systems that facilitate knowledge sharing and better sales and marketing alignment to focus on your performance goals and customer experience. Technology is in our DNA.


We measure the success of our firm in the eyes of our customers.


We bring structure into the sales and marketing stack to drive increased deal sizes, shorter sales cycles, and higher sales conversations.

Our marketing automation solution helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more marketing leads, better pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

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Your Sales and Marketing Technology Strategy

Our team is comprised of modern technology marketers that help you take on direct responsibilities for your marketing operation and its marketing technologies required to build and measure business success.

We help small and midsized that have a sense of urgency regarding technology transformation within their organizations, and want to push for technologies that deliver results, specifically website visitors, subscribers, followers, leads, and sales.

We help high-performing companies and marketers construct technology frameworks that can scale and adapt to the right sales and marketing technology and as consumers interest, preferences, and behavior evolved. 

Industry Model Framework

Once you have built the foundation (your website and marketing technology stack), you can begin to drive website traffic with content. Think of your marketing foundation like a car. I’ll use an analogy. Your sales and marketing foundation is like a Ferrari. You need to fill the Ferrari with high octane gas. If you want high-quality traffic to your website, you need a reliable content management program driven by keywords and targeting personas that map to your ideal customer.

When you put content into your marketing foundation, you will begin to increase website traffic and visitors, subscribers, and expand your social reach. Then, you can start adding new marketing campaigns designed to generate leads, sales, and loyalty.

Once you have developed and tested your marketing campaigns, you will be able to tune them to your ideal customer. You want to create a customer connected experience driven by their wants and needs rather than your own. If you do this right, you will survive and thrive in any economy.

Matrix Technology Hub

Matrix Technology Hub has created a strongly focused business strategy tailored to the priorities of the SMB sector. With this sales and marketing automation system in place, you will reduce your marketing operating costs while boosting sales quicker.

Let’s Rethink How Sales and Marketing Works

As the world continues to get more competitive, changing how you work isn’t a consideration for tomorrow–it’s an imperative for today. Time to reimagine how small and midsized business works.

Let’s make business more resilient.

Your sales and marketing data needs to be protected. Your marketing programs must show an ROI and an awesome customer experience.

Let’s work with greater agility.

For small and midsized businesses, cloud and digital transformation has gone from a 3-year plan to a this month plan.

Let’s build smarter sales and marketing.

Changing customer needs can make it difficult to predict buyer behavior. What if you could do that?

Let’s engage customer everywhere.

People want answer to their question sooner. Reduce wait times and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.